New Beginning…

It was August when it all started,
the way we met,
the way we held on to each other.

All those years ,
I was afraid to let go
I still am…

Deep inside I feel like
something is dying inside of me.
I never knew love like this,
This endless obsession
to be with someone so much
that it hurts every inch of you.

The way the night suddenly breaks the silence
and brings terror all around you.
That’s how i feel in this very moment.

You might never know when something starts
when something might end..
And you also might never realise
that when something might end,
something might be waiting for you,
just hoping that you forget your past
and embrace the next beginning in life
just hoping that you might open
the next door in your life.

After all , life is nothing
but an endless cycle
of beginnings and endings
So don’t you dwell
Just Embrace….

PS – This one is an ode to Manipal and all the people I met and bonded with during my time in Manipal.
This is an ode to college , goodbyes and hello’s….


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