Realistic Decisions

As each day goes by,
surrounded by the same old uncertainity
What about the future ?
Whats next in the list ?
Should i take the obvious path,
or the road less travelled ?

Its 2017 , and no road is less travelled
Traffic is everywhere
Dingy lanes or Highways
Street lights and lightening often clash

Why is that we all decide,
Whats next?
and then keep going.
Every year , its the same story
again and again…
It never stops , does it ?

So many questions ,
and no permanent answer.
So what if i love my life right now,
I could be doing so much this very moment..
But why do i have to ruin it
by thinking so much ?

We Creative people have a different zest,
We tend to want everything,
We need everything,
We need success,
But we prefer netflix over maths

Why is there no common ground
You decide for once and thats it..
But it’s not realistic , they say
You need to evolve,
Think about the future and stuff!

So , here I am
Writing poetry each day,
Stuck in this melodrama once again
Well , isn’t this interesting…
The circle of life
circling yet again
and again…


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