Only If…

Only if i was a little thinner
Only if i had more power
Only if i was more good looking
Only if i had more friends

Only if i was famous
Only if i become the talk of the town
Only if i had more money
Only if i was more creative

There are lot of only ifs in our lives
Lot of greed and lust surrounds us
Every hour of everyday
We seem to want something and everything

This constant need to be better
The struggle and dissatisfaction
Of not being what we want to be
Of somehow not magically getting everything

It all creates a disarray of unevenness
It creates an illusion that people magically become people
And that we will too someday
By a simple twirl of a wand

But What if i start working out
Then ,I will reach my goal
What if i work harder
I will have power and money

I will have everything under the Sun
Only if i work towards it
Only if i put all my desperation
On working towards my goal

Living in this dream does no good
There’s no magic in the real world
No one becomes a person by doing nothing
No one achieves by asking a wrong question
No one can reach their goals by asking “only if?”

So change your only if’s to what if’s
And see the change
And be whatever the hell you want
Because what if that day never comes
And it forever remains as an only if…


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