Getting a Pet Dog 101

As many of you may already know , We have welcomed a new member in our family. Coco is an apricot coloured miniature poodle. She is currently around two months old and have been staying with us since the last fifteen days. She has the most heartwarming and friendly personality and she has already become an integral part of my life. She is smart , intelligent, very very naughty and so so loving.

Getting a dog is a major life decision and many of us do want pets but are not aware of the necessary steps required and the list of pros and cons that come with them. A dog or any other animal for that matter is not a toy and pets should never be brought home for all the wrong reasons, because getting a pet is a commitment.

So , here is a list , and if most of the points check out , then you should definitely get a pet.
1) You can take some time out daily for your pet, not just in the beginning when its all sparkles and furry and magical.
2) You understand the challenges of a new pet and are willing to accept the fact that your house will completely change and will likely be a wreck for the first couple of days.
3) You’ll have to get used to the smell initially until the pet is vaccinated , groomed and adjusted to the surroundings.
4) You will have to take time out for regular medical checkups , food supplies , grooming , vaccinations, and training.
5) You want a furry little companion that makes you happy. This is worth more than anything in this list.
6) You have the time and space to love another living being.
7) Your family or whoever stays along with you is totally excited and willing to welcome a pet in your house.
8) You understand that getting a pet might not be cheap , and won’t ditch it whenever the medical bills rise up.

If most of the above points check out , or if you are willing to work for it, Here’s how you can decide where and how to get a pet.
1) Adoption – A close friend of mine really wanted me to adopt , instead of getting one from a breeder. It all comes down to your location in the end. Most urban areas have an animal shelter closeby and lots of abandoned pets are up for adoption. If possible , please try to adopt a pet. Most older pets for adoption are already vaccinated and trained. You can also get a lot of different breeds, and you will thank yourself for saving an animals life after adoption.
2) Checking with friends and family to see if their dogs have had any puppies is the safest way to get a good dog without involving breeders in the process.
3) If the above two steps didn’t quite pan out , you can then talk to nearby pet shops or you can ask your family and friends of the whereabouts of their pets. Make sure to ask a lot of questions beforehand deciding on anything. Get a pet from a certified place and ensure that it is medically fit before it is brought to you.

After your pet arrives , give him/her unconditional love and affection and never ever abandon your pet. There can be a lot of pros and cons that you may have avoided and taken lightly before your pet arrives, but the reality will come clear with you eventually. Either way, I am sure that you will start loving your pet within an hour of it being with you, regardless of everything in every list. Because love is the most important thing in every relationship.


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