Colours of Invisibility

I used to be all about wearing black all the time
I used to pick an outfit, like it for a bit
but then eventually go back to wearing black
At that time, I remember
Wearing black didn’t actually make a difference
I felt conscious regardless of the colours i wore…

Because this is what body image issues do to you
You tend to shy away from colours
You tend to hold on to being invisible
You want to cover yourself up
because you think less of yourself

People’s comments don’t actually matter
They are the wind to your sails
They heed you over to that same direction
It’s not actually about people
It’s not actually about how you look
It’s how you have been made to feel

To feel less of your own self
To constantly compare yourself with others
Know this, that this won’t change ever
No matter how great you look
It’s all in how you visualise yourself
in front of the mirror…

Stop waiting around for that perfect body
or that perfect tan
or that perfect person
to make you feel at ease
and make you feel loved

Ease around yourself
Feel your presence around yourself
Think of the present
Of all your wishes and all your fantasies

Be that person
Because it’s only you who can stop you
Be your own wind
Guide yourself in that direction
And sail towards the shore.



  1. Great read.

    I went through an unconscious mourning process at one point after making a big decision. I wore black for about six months, without consciously doing it.

    It wasn’t until after that period had passed that I knew it was a result of subconscious mourning.

    So, I completely relate to the aspect of not wanting to be visible, in ways.

    Liked by 1 person

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