Life after College

When i left for college four years ago
hauling my luggage and my lunch for that day
I wept alone in my teeny dorm room
Reminiscing the time i spent at home

Mom’s home-made food with all her love
Dad’s instructions to take over the world
Leaving a well settled lifestyle
seemed so cynical back then

How could i have predicted
that the same place that i shuddered to go
would become my entire world
And it would be impossible to let it go

All the time in the future
cannot replace the virtuous eyes
with which i discovered this whole new world

Some days time would pass by so rapidly
Our routine was simple
Classes, friends , so many sitcoms,
and then came those weekends

Every weekend used to be a whole new experience
Some known faces , some unfamiliar faces
And those couple of people
with whom time always seemed meager

I loved college , every fragment of it
But that didn’t pause me from wondering
about the next experience in life
enigma of the future

Four years went by
It seems like just yesterday
when i entered the campus
wounds so fresh
of when i bid farewell
to all the people i cherished over the years
all the lanes and corners i passed by

Time will never cease
and it will be ludicrous of me
to be stuck in the same moment for eternity
but wouldn’t it be awesome
if i stay there forever
To stay half a mile away
from my closest friends
and the place which made me “me”

Sure, We get busy
We all progress forward
Learn new things
get another degree
But, everything changes
And in the midst of reaching that destination
I find myself searching for the same roads of my past

For some , dreams are unattainable
For me , at this precise moment
I just re-lived my dream
a dream i hoped never to wake up from
But it’s been a while…


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